Spring 5-frame nuc (£220) - Deposit £50

Spring 5-frame nuc (£220) - Deposit £50

Gentle and productive bees headed by a Carniolan Queen.


Currently Out of Stock.

  • Details

    • The nucs include our superb Carniolan queens selected for gentleness, productivity and good behaviour.  Queens come marked, and you can choose whether you would like them clipped.  (We may occasionally substitute a locally mated queen, no extra charge.)
    • All nucs exceed the BBKA standard here.
    • The bees are on self-spacing (Hoffman) National frames - ie they will fit National and WBC hives.
    • Full guidance on caring for your nuc(s) provided.


    Availability: Around mid-June 2021, weather dependent.

    Cost: £220 each.  Pay just a £50 deposit (non-refundable) now.

    Packaging: White Correx or waxed cardboard nuc box that you can keep.  Useful for swarms etc in the future.

    Delivery: Collection - free.  Delivered weekday (Tuesday to Friday) £30 each.  Delivered Saturday £40 each.

    Any questions, or to order by 'phone: ring Charles on 01588 638471.